Posts on ‘December 14th, 2009’

A Conversation between MLK and Walt Whitman

Courtney Irvine’sproject examines the relationship between Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech alongside Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” using an audio mashup/juxtaposition of the two men’s words. A Conversation between Martin Luther King and Walt Whitman

A Kosmos of Voices

Ben Brischcar’s final project interprets the various voices in Whitman’s poetry through an audio experiment of readings. Give it a listen:

Whitman’s Image: Appropriation and Misappropriation of Whitman in American Culture

Erin Longbottom’s final project traces the uses and abuses of Whitman’s image in American Culture. The various discussions are presented through the web tool Glogster. The posters are all embedded below.

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